STANDARD FUNCTIONS Open-Pause-Close mode Step-Step mode Automatic Closing Pedestrian Opening Fast closing Slow opening Slow closing Safety device test Gate status indicator light Kick-back Flashing light management Opening phase safety device Closing phase safety device Programmable pause time Speed setting * Thrust force setting Obstacle threshold regulation Delay between doors regulation Integrated radio receiver Pedestrian control via radio and wired Start/open/close controls via radio and wired Wired stop control Number of radio controls that can be memorized (integrated memory) 170 NEW FUNCTIONS Simplified motor direction inversion LED-based diagnostics Backjump adjustment Power supply voltage for customized electric lock * Customizable auxiliary output for electric or magnetic lock 8k2 safety device input with customizable test inputs Customization of wired inputs as “start/pedestrian” or “open/close” Inhibition of wired inputs Protection and blocking of control unit Energy saving * Auxiliary output controlled by radio remote Set up for additional memory FUNCTIONS THAT CAN BE ACTIVATED FROM A SMART PHONE Standard functions Programming of advanced functions Installation check-up Management of periodical maintenance Upload and download the remotes database

StarG8 24v Automatic Setting Control Panel.

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