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Roller Shutter Full Box Security Door

The Full Box Roller Door is perfect for space savers wanting to maximise their brick to brick drive through width and for those not wanting any protrusions with tracking into the garage door roof space. Roller doors can be on the outside wall of the opening as well as on the inside wall face they can also be fitted within the opening, but bear in mind you will lose some headroom for the roll under the lintel if you do this). If fitting on tracks on the back of the brickwork aperture they don’t require a separate frame so you will gain your full brick drive through width. They rise vertically and up into a roll above the lintel on the inside of the garage roof space.

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Insulated roller door’s can be fitted within OR behind your brickwork/timber frame. All roller doors are made to measure to suit your exact brick opening. They are ordered by the OGW (Over Guide Width or Curtain Size) by their GH (Guide Height). Therefore, you need to order the door at the correct OGW x GH.

Fitting behind brickwork


This needs to be your opening aperture size + 200mm. For example, if your brickwork opening is 2100mm the OGW needs to be 2100mm + 200mm = 2300mm. So 2300mm is your OGW and ordering size.


This needs to be your floor to lintel height. You do not need to add on anything for this. Please be aware that the roll is additional 300mm in height to this as it will sit behind the back of the lintel. So If your GH floor to lintel height is 2200 there is a extra 300mm above the GH for the roll.

Fitting between the opening


This needs to be your brickwork aperture size (we will order the door to suit this size with the relevant guide sizes). For example, if your brickwork opening is 2100mm the OGW needs to be 2100mm. Please be aware that the guide sizes above will reduce your opening size so if your opening is 2100mm your drive through width will be -200mm so reduced to 1900mm.

GH This needs to be your floor to lintel height less the roll size stated above as this will all need to all be fitted within the opening. So, for example, if you want a C77 and your height floor to lintel underside is 2100mm then you would order your GH at 2100mm – 300mm C77 needs 300mm for the roll) = 1800mm.

Please be aware that as roller doors are bespoke, made to measure products they cannot be returned or cancelled once the manufacturing process is underway. If in any doubt about the order size please contact us before ordering on +34 608208170.


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